Lindsay Lohan Issue On Paris Fashion Week

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has revealed that she used supermodel Kate Moss as a human shield at the French fashion collections.

Lohan was swarmed by reporters and paparazzi during her debut as artistic advisor for Emanuel Ungaro.

One journalist even crawled under a photographer's legs to try and snatch a quick quote from Lindsay.

But Lindsay - who is well-known for visiting her favorite LA restaurant in disguise - turned the tables one night in Paris.

She told a British reporter that she just used Moss as a human shield to get away from the crush of press.

“At the Testino party, Kate Moss was walking out," she said.

"I saw her leaving and was, like, ‘Go now!’ I was walking behind her. She went one way and took the photographers with her. I went straight to my car.”

Source: Irish Central

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Seasons' Top Fashion Designers

Top Fashion Designers

Celine: Thanks to the Celine show, we're all coveting earthy shades of camel, nude and safari – not to mention butter-soft leather.

Salvatore Ferragamo: Hello, sunshine – bursts of bright yellow were warmly received at Ferragamo, who in Milan also channelled chic wearability.

Stella McCartney: Don't be afraid of soft and simple was the message at Stella McCartney and for that, her show was a standout.

Finest Floral Designers

Stella McCartney: In addition to her sharp tailoring and lots of wearable basics (welcome back, denim skirt), McCartney's show was big on beautiful rose-print dresses and blouses.

Valentino: The emperor might have retired but his successors are ensuring the glamour lives on with short, sheer party dresses (no, there was not a hint of red) and a stunning floor-length chiffon gown with black-orchid print.

Collette Dinnigan: Dinnigan injected a little bit of Australiana into her collection with long and short-tiered florals in a kaleidoscope of colours and a stunning silk strapless maxi with beaded and embroidered sunflower motif.

Top Luxury Designers

Prada: Gorgeous island prints, crystal chandelier pieces and crystal-encrusted shoes – what's not to love?

Givenchy: The sharp, almost futuristic geometric vibe was offset at Givenchy with draped goddess dresses complete with shimmering shoulders.

Lanvin: Consider Lanvin the go-to label for after-hours glamour. Glittering jumpsuits, short, block-colour cocktail frocks and plenty of luxe neck, arm, wrist and bag candy.


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Paris Fashion Week: Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott has left the UK music scene for now to rock the fashionistas in the French capital.

At a private gig at Karl Lagerfeld's pop-up club Fendi O on Tuesday she was introduced to the celebrity crowd during Paris Fashion Week.

But down-to-earth Essex-born Pixie said she wouldn't let all the glamour and the popularity go to her head.

"I don't really get phased by too much, and I really hate big-headed people, so I don't really think that that is ever going to be a problem. I think that I have just got such great friends and family and it just feels exactly the same as before, everyone treats me the same, I am still exactly the same,"

In previous years Lagerfeld choose The Gossip and Amy Winehouse to play for the bi-annual Fendi party.

The exclusive event opened the stage to Pixie to present her new album to the Europeans.

Turn It Up was released in the UK in September.

Source: ITN

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Paris Fashion Week: Emanuel Ungaro Collection With Lindsay Lohan

It was a deadly collision of celebrity culture and fashion culture on Sunday at the debut of the new Emanuel Ungaro collection with Lindsay Lohan as artistic advisor and Estrella Archs as designer. When Lohan came out for a runway bow, her eyes were full of tears. And it's easy to see why. After all the hullabaloo over her appointment a month ago, with some fashion insiders suggesting it was an insult to anyone who had ever really worked in design, it had to have been the walk of shame to end all. 

The fashion crowd is a tough one, and the fangs were out for this collection from the beginning. Unfortunately, the clothes--reportedly whipped together in a mere three weeks -- didn't do anything to defy low expectations. 

It's difficult to know whom to blame -- Lohan for taking the job or Ungaro President Mounir Moufarrige for thinking he could install a troubled Hollywood starlet with no fashion training at a venerable French house (even one that cycles through designers faster than Lohan cycles through rehab stints). Or maybe it's the fault of the industry in general, which has put a premium on fast, flashy and addictive fashion, over forward-thinking and creative fashion. 
The impulse to focus on the house's signature shade of hot pink was a good one, and that's how the collection began, with a tight minidress draped over one shoulder. There were a lot of minidresses in this show, many of them so short, they seemed to be inviting a TMZ crotch shot. 

The second design element was the heart, in a repeating sequin pattern on one jacket and repeating cutouts with sequins peeking out from underneath on another. These were partytime clothes -- ruched leggings in bright blue and purple (Lohan has her own line of leggings too -- 6126), pink harem pants and bandeau bikini tops with heart-shaped charms nestled between the breasts. 

But by far the worst offense were the glittery heart-shaped pasties worn under suit jackets. In a word, why? They were just begging to be laughed at. A larger version of the heart pasties also turned up on some of the models' heads. 

Nothing in the collection evidenced any real skill or discernible design work. In fact, you could probably find a lot of it already on the shelves at Kitson. I did hear someone remark that they liked the shoes, which had narrow, stair-step heels. 

Still, there's really no defending this misguided collection, other than as a desperate bid for attention from a house that hasn't mattered since its founder retired in 2004. I just don't think it's the kind of attention they had in mind.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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John Galliano: "Seducing All The Senses"

The designer - who works for Christian Dior, as well as his own self-titled label - loves catwalk shows because they bring his creations to life. 

He explained: "If a picture paints a thousand words, a show has 20 minutes to bring the muse, the mood and the feel of a whole season to life. I want to seduce all your senses. 

"If the clothes are the script, the models are the silent sirens that have to bring the story alive. I love using theatre and magic to tell the tale." 

Unlike other designers, John denies having celebrity muses, preferring to make up his ideal women in his head. 

He told Britain's Elle magazine: "I have two mistresses. For John Galliano, she is very English in her soul. For Dior, she is very French. Dior is a beguiling, feminine, yet feisty lady. 

"She is elegant, unpredictable and utterly mesmerising. That is the essence of Dior."

Source: Bulgarian Fashion

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Betty Jackson's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Soft, sweet and saucy was the message from Betty Jackson’s spring/summer 2010 collection.

Her inspiration was the idea of a French demoiselle being filmed by Jean-Luc Goddard in Shanghai, leading to a lot of ooh-la-la and some extremely wearable clothes.

Ruffles, frills and flounces were a key detail whether worn as a ruff, sparkling with crystals at the neck, decorating a peplum jacket or trimming the hem of a jacket or skirt. The bra-bodice, little bloomers and French knickers were equally important to the look - a trend increasingly apparent at London Fashion Week.

Here, at Jackson, they came in contrasting pastel, floral prints, in shades of ice-pink and mint, and designed to be seen - beneath rough linen jackets, trimmed with broderie anglaise, worn with floppy, floral trousers, or worn over button-to-the neck blouses.

The boudoir theme was also echoed in little floral sundresses with draped hips, which showed a frill of purple lace at the décolletage. In more minimal, contemporary mode were short-sleeved, navy dresses with a pleated detail on the bodice and a to-the-knee skirt; easy coats, tunics and crop-trousers in beige.

A-line coats, smocks and waisted dresses came in silver lame and a rose-pink brocade, often accessorised with a sparkly ruff for a funky, but flattering look for after-dark.

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Lindsay Lohan: Got Some Nerves

Lindsay Lohan is "nervous" about the upcoming House of Emanuel Ungaro fashion show. 

The 23-year-old star, who was unveiled as the French fashion house's artistic advisor earlier this week, can't wait for the Paris Fashion Week show, but is anxious about how the clothes will be received.

She explained: "I'm nervous about the show the way I get nervous about a film. Maybe a little bit more about this because it's a little more personal."

The 'Mean Girls' actress added any criticism will feel particularly harsh as she feels so closely linked to the brand.

She said: "In a film I'm playing someone else and people can relate to that character. This is very much me and I'm putting all of my efforts into it."

Lindsay - who already has her own range of leggings and fake tan - will work with Spanish designer Estrella Archs, giving her own ideas and input into upcoming collections.

She said earlier this week: "I kind of oversee everything Archs does, while working with her. Different generations have different ideas."

Designer Amy Molyneux - who already works for the French label - said of Lindsay's appointment: "She does have an eye for fashion. I like the way she dresses. Her house is a mini-department store. She changes outfits five times a day."


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